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Meet Our Founder

Greetings, I am Melissa Scott of my parent company Melissa’s Creations and creator of the Loc Em Up Locking Solution. My career started 1998 in Jacksonville, Florida where I began to learn of my passion for doing natural hair. After a few years of devoting myself, my life and my family to my creativity, I would specialize in Dreadlocks. After a move to Atlanta, Ga in 2005, I knew that this is where I could expand my talent and get the exposure to this industry that would allow me to exceed my own expectations. Thus, allowing me to acquire a number of celebrity artist and soon after, a Platform artist with The Bonner Brothers Hair Show. 
The next turn of my career was the birth of my product line Loc Em Up Locking Solution for healthy, no residue build up, lock maintenance. With my continued search for achievements, I surround myself and my business with like minded affiliates that I can grow with. Throughout my career, I have been featured in local publications, hair shows, video shoots, and beauty supply stores around town that feature the Loc Em Up Locking Solution. It is with great humbleness that I have been Blessed and wake each day knowing that this is just the beginning.Thank You.

- Melissa Scott Founder Loc Em Up Solutions